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Competition Law and Consumer Protection

• Representation in competition proceedings in the electronic communications sector for unfair commercial practices against consumers and business partners;
• Representation of Hungarian and Central European airlines in antitrust proceedings due to unfair market conduct;
• Representation of one of the largest European manufacturers of food supplements in antitrust proceedings for unfair market conduct;
• preparation of regulatory notification and private enforcement for a client against a competitor for abuse of its dominant position in the telecommunications industry;
• legal advice and representation for Hungary’s leading IT company in cartel competition proceedings;
• permanent legal advice to multinational companies to prevent anti-competitive agreements and unfair commercial practices against consumers;
• developing a competition compliance program for a leading international financial institution;
• holding regular advanced training in order to ensure compliance with competition law;
• monitoring the fair market behavior of competitors and, if necessary, alerting the authorities;
• notification of a merger to the Hungarian Competition Authority and full representation of a principal operating in the heavy industry sector;
• legal advice on a Community-wide merger for Hungary’s leading energy company.
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+36 1 920 2040

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